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  1. All new and returning students may access their printing accounts for use of the public print system at HLS. At the beginning of the fall semester, every student's printing account is credited with $100 in printing funds. After you have exhausted your $100, you will be debited for any subsequent printing you do and term billed on a monthly basis for any printing debts of $1.00 or more for the month in question. This will happen automatically; you will not receive any notification from the printing system when you transition from free printing to term billed printing. It is up to each individual to track personal printing usage. You may also, as indicated under "Printing Accounts" below, pay cash in advance to either pay down your term bill or avoid being term billed for any given month.

  2. All new students already have printing accounts set up for them in the system. To use the account you simply need your HLS username and password. New students have been assigned a default print-system password of their Harvard University ID. Returning students retain their accounts, print-system passwords and account balances carried over from this past spring or summer.

  3. Users may add cash to their print-system accounts also via Crimson Cash at the Student Help Desk. Ask at the Help Desk for details.

  4. Account Balances: the user may click to query current print-system account balances and run reports on printing activity. You must enter your print-system user ID and password to access this information.

  5. Print System Documentation: the page you're currently looking at. This page will be updated as needed. Consult this page for latest print-system policies, features, how-to's, system status and current problems.

Free Printing of HOLLIS Web Pages

Printing of HOLLIS (Harvard's online catalog) web pages is free from all computers (whether desktop or laptop). Any print-system patron who does not have a print account may also print out these pages at no cost. These users must use the account username of "guest" and password of "guest" when the print dialog requests account information. Other users with accounts should use their usual account credentials -- the system will not charge their accounts.

1. Student accounts

All returning or new students have accounts in the system. Returning students' accounts are maintained until graduation. New students receive accounts automatically at registration. Students who do not receive printing-account information at registration should contact the Student Help Desk.

All students are given an annual free-printing allocation of $100 at the beginning of each academic year.

There are three types of printing balances associated with student accounts. The system checks these accounts for available funds in the following sequence when determining which balance to use in charging for a print-job. These terms also correspond to those used in the account balances display users may request from the print system:

  1. allocation balance: free printing

  2. deposit (or cash) balance: cash paid by student before billing cycle at beginning of each month October - May to decrease charge-balance accruals or to pay ahead against future months' charge-balance accruals. Students may do this at the Student Help Desk or at the circulation desk in the library. Cash added to printing accounts is non-refundable.

  3. charge (or credit) balance: costs incurred by student's printing in any given month, after depletion of allocation and deposit balances. During the first week of every month from October through May, monthly charge balances greater than $1.00 are sent to Term Billing for billing to students. These charge balances are then reset to $0.00, before beginning tracking of the next month's printing costs. There is a default maximum charge balance of $200/month. If this amount needs to be increased, the student may have this done at the Student Help Desk. In the current balances display users may request from the system, it is important to note that the figure for "Credit Account Balance" reflects charge accruals for the current month.

2. Cash (or walk-in) accounts

These are for anyone who is not a term-billed student at HLS who may need temporary printing services for a several days or weeks (typically, visiting researchers). They normally are given for a month at a time. The applicant pays cash in the amount of the expected printing requirements, selects a password and is given a username. The length of account validity may upon request be prolonged. Cash accounts are non-refundable.

These accounts may be created in two locations:

  1. Student Help Desk
  2. Library Circulation Desk

3. Faculty research-assistant accounts

These accounts are available for student research assistants printing on behalf of faculty. There is no charge for printing associated with faculty research. These accounts can be assigned at the Student Help Desk or Library Administration, 5th floor, Areeda Hall. Research assistants applying for accounts should bring their professor's Harvard ID number or have their professors contact the Student Help Desk confirming the request.

Printing is currently charged as follows:

  1. black-and-white laser output:
    1. single-sided: $0.10 per printed side
    2. double-sided: $0.05 per printed side
  2. color laser output:
    1. color laser single-sided ouput: $0.50 per printed side
    2. color laser double-sided ouput: $0.25 per printed side
  3. all HOLLIS (online Harvard catalog) print-outs: no charge

Account Adjustments

If you believe the system has inaccurately charged you for a print-job, please contact the Student Help Desk or Library Administration on the 5th floor of Areeda Hall. This would typically be the case if a paper jam in the printer prevented a print-job from completing, the printer ran out of paper or ink while printing, or the submitted print job was not successfully processed by the print system. It could also happen if the system inaccurately reported the number of pages in the print job. Detailed logs are kept of every print-system transaction, so the Student Help Desk assistant will be able to work with you in verifying the error and adjusting your account appropriately.